Dragon Ball SD Chapter One Review

11 Sep

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, today I return with my mini review of the first chapter of the Dragon Ball spin-off manga, Dragon Ball SD.

Through the publishing power of Shueisha’s Super Strong Jump magazine, a new Dragon Ball manga emerged in December 2010. Dragon Ball SD (discounting the manga adaptation of the Dragon Ball OVA of 2008) was the first piece of new Dragon Ball manga to be released since the original series ended in 1995. Now Dragon Ball is very well-known, it’s loved all over the world and has been adapted into all parts of the media whether it be TV, film, video-game, toys, clothing or other forms of merchandise. Now a lot of fans have wanted new material from the Dragon Ball universe for years. But fans have been teased by Toei Animation with their opening animations for DBZ video games or the other animated Dragon Ball short films like Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! and the 2010 remake of Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans.

So after original creator Akira Toriyama stated that he was not going to continue the series, all hope seemed lost. However, Ooishi Naho wrote and illustrated a new spin-off series of Dragon Ball. Now in this first chapter we have the return of three of the main characters in the Dragon Ball manga; Son Goku, Krillin and Master Roshi. And without getting into the plot of the first chapter too much let’s just say that this chapter covers several scenarios that took place over the first, second and third volumes of the Dragon Ball manga. But what’s nice is that it alters, combines and condenses those scenarios into one chapter with a nice pace and it feels like being re-acquainted with old friends.


Now in terms of the visual style, Ooishi Naho gives us a very respectable version of Toriyama’s original work. Sometimes the similarities are uncanny to the original and make you laugh and smile like when you read the original manga panels. You recognise all that you see in there and it almost feels like your watching an anime because of the attention to detail in the colour pallet. From the character actions to the facial expressions to the overall foreground and background locations, everything looks grand and since it’s all in colour its there’s a real vivid and fresh feeling to the chapter and it makes the chapter attractive and draws you in. While the story isn’t the most amazing or original introduction to a manga, fans of the Dragon Ball story will get a kick of it and obviously in time I assume things will start to pick up, but by the end of the chapter you know great things are set to happen.

Rating: 7.5/10

Well that’s it for now, come back another time and I should have some other stuff to blog about 😀

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