Reforming, Reorganizing & Upgrading

14 Aug

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another blog post. Now depending on whether you come to the blog often or not, you may see that the visual theme for it has changed and the reason for that is because the theme I had originally worked for me, but over time I think it’s started to look a little dark and messy. So I’ve decided to go for a new theme that’s a little simpler and cleaner in its design. The reason for the big change is all to do with the rectification of this blog.

The thing is, I love blogging, but since May this year I have begun to slip up, the consistency of my work became slower and more erratic over the last few months to the point where I’d only make a post every once in a while which is completely different to the quick-fire nature of my blogging from before. So the reason I am doing this blog post is the say that madness like that will not happen anymore. ITS TIME FOR CHANGE.

Time for change.

I am making a pledge from today that I will return the world of blogging harder, better, faster and stronger than before! I will return to doing reviews of films, tv shows, games and all those other personal stories in life I love to share with you guys. Blogging is one of the few things in a long time that I have been consistent, so I really want to continue and grow here on WordPress and try to take over the world through the power of my typing (sure that’s a bit of a stretch but hey a guy can dream right?)!

So to finish expect more material from me a lot sooner than before and look forward to my reviews of Brave, The Bourne Legacy and Ted very soon.

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