Four Films, In One Day, Tomorrow.

14 Aug

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another blog post. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to do something that I haven’t yet done in any cinema; I will attempt to watch four films in the cinema in one day. While it doesn’t really sound like a big deal, for me I have never tried to do something so epic before, I mean I’ve done three films in one day before but I want to go one step further. Why? Because I can! 😀

So what films will I be watching tomorrow? Well one of them will be a film I have seen before while the other three will be new films for me, anyways let me show you below:

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Yes, I have technically seen this film before, but I want to see it again. TDKR has the same effect on me that The Avengers did, its one of those films that has an addictive nature that compels you to go back to the cinema and watch it more than once. TDKR is totally badass and I love it. But the most important aspect about seeing this film again is because it’s in IMAX! I have only gone to see one film in IMAX and that was Tron: Legacy and that looked friggin insane in IMAX 3D. TDKR looked great on a regular cinema screen, but loads of people who have seen it in IMAX claim that it looks absolutely incredible, so I want in. I have to see it. So that’s what I will do tomorrow.

2. Brave


Okay now I am hoping that this film is going to be good. I have been very interested in this film since it was announced and then saw the subsequent trailers that followed. From what I’ve seen so far, Brave looks like Pixar’s most ambitious film since Wall-E. Obviously the film has been out for around two months in America and its reception has been mixed to positive, though regardless of what critics and audience responses to Brave is, I still need to see this film and hope that it’ll be worth my time.

3. The Bourne Legacy

Ah The Bourne Legacy, the film I wish hadn’t been made. Now obviously that’s a bit harsh but I’ve said it before, the Bourne series should have just stayed as a trilogy. While I know that there is still a lot of source material to work with from the Bourne novels, I still think that continuing the series was a bad idea, though with that said this new film looks like it could be good. The trailers for The Bourne Legacy does happen to have the right tone and feel to them like the original trilogy and I do like all of the actors involved. Only after I watch the film tomorrow will I be able to see if it’s good or not.

4. Ted

Oh and the last film I’m going to see tomorrow is Ted. From the time I saw the trailer for this I knew I just had to check it out. I have to say that I’m not overly into comedy films and I don’t make a habit of seeing many in the cinema, though in the last 2 years I have watched more and more because they’ve been so popular and everyone’s told me to check certain ones out. I’m only really watching Ted because of the following reasons: 1) It actually looks funny. 2) It’s made by Seth MacFarlane creator of Family Guy and American Dad and 3) Seth is actually voicing the bear in question so he automatically has my interest. Let’s hope this film is worth my time.

Well that’s my list of films for tomorrow, it will be a long day and hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off without any issues. Wish me luck yo, oh and thanks for reading 😀

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