Seeing the Bigger Picture

09 Aug

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another blog post. It seems to me in life we go through episodes of different emotions or situations, some are joyous, some are sad, some can test you on physical and mental level and some can change your whole perspective on life and make you look at things much differently. The last one I consider to be life lessons.


Life; it is an experience and along the way you do pick up a few things that do become lessons of knowledge for future reference.

Life lessons are those little tips you pick up along your journey through the world. Sometimes they can be little things or they can big and have to be done all the time. The circumstances of how you learn these lessons can vary, some life can be very difficult to learn and for me in the last few years I have found that life lessons are always the hardest to learn.

In my life even though it’s only been 22 years (and I can only really remember about 18 of them) I can honestly say that I learnt many things that have changed my perspective on life and made me think about things in different ways. There’s many life lessons that I know of and try to abide by to keep my life in check; from trying to stay positive to making sure I get the most out of life or trying to avoid deceptive people acting as if they were my friends or making sure that one bad day doesn’t get me down. I have many lessons that I have obtained especially in my teenage years that have helped me in the long run. I think the most important life lessons are the ones you have to learn through complicated situations. For me its been about the importance of time and resources and how one should never waste them and use them effectively.

Since my days school I have always been a bit of a time-waster and always liked to live in the moment, it also didn’t help that I had a short attention span and didn’t really care much for my lessons unless they were subjects I enjoyed. Unfortunately I learnt the hard way what my actions would do my GCSE results when I left school. After that point I said I’d take education a little seriously and get my act together, and while I was a little more diligent about my work, the 4 years I spent in college were very turbulent due to my bad time management skills and again a lack of care for my work. But again because of those harsh realisations I have become a much quicker and efficient kind of guy when it comes to work… That being said, I did relapse again in university on my animation course.

I love free time and use it whenever I can!

When it comes to free time I really do abuse it. I love to sleep, play video games and just be lazy in general with no commitments to anything.

I can completely relate to this meme cause I am thinking this a lot myself lol.

So when days off come in the form of holidays like Christmas, Easter or Summer, I am the first to say goodbye to work and hello to that freedom. Unfortunately that attitude defeated me earlier this year when I missed a submission date in January. So then I got re-submission date stating that if I handed in my work by today, August 9th, then I would be safe. But wouldn’t you know that I was lazy over the course of the summer and hadn’t got the work done until a few days before the deadline. I have come to realise in the last 3 years that I am a man who likes to work under pressure, I actually thrive on it and it makes me work harder than ever. Though the issue is that it still costs me time, sometimes stresses me out and working so close to the deadline means that there is always a chance for failure. Luckily today I got the work in on time, I just hope it’ll be enough to let me pass the module.

When I left the uni building I started to think of how many times where I have been in this same situation before. Its dangerous, especially when you’re not too sure how to do the work in the first place and there’s no one around to help you out. I realised that I treated uni like college, a place where I just do stuff to pass the day away without properly paying attention to details. I did the same thing with college and school before that. But I have noticed that university, while similar to college is completely different. Whether you succeed or fail is down to you. And since I’d rather not fail I am gonna have to sort my priorities, the second year of actually counts towards your final grade so there is no room for error and I’d rather not fuck around this time.

All of this is very true and maybe it’s about time I started paying attention to it!

Here’s hoping that my second year of uni won’t be nearly as turbulent or emotional as this year has. šŸ™‚

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