And so August is here, one month of Summer Fun left…

05 Aug

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another blog by me, the hypersonic55! 😀

Alas so now the month of August is here and I have been dreading it for quite some time. Now don’t get me wrong, August isn’t a bad month by any means and it can be the month in the summertime where most of the good times take place, however it is technically the last free month of freedom in the summer until September comes around and then for us students the boring academic year starts up again. 😦

summer's going

After the summer’s gone, that happy feeling of freedom just disappears with the appearance of September…

Every summer that I have known after 2008 has felt the same with August being the month where you assess the summer that you have experienced and realise that when August hits, your fun is truly over because college or uni was waiting for you just around the corner in September. The terrible thing is when August hits and you realise you’ve had a fairly uneventful summer, that feeling of depression kicks in, knowing that the summer is nearly over, it sucked and it isn’t going to get better. So then you’re left counting down the days until you go back to your educational lifestyle that will consume all of your time.

Obviously this whole August summer thing doesn’t apply to teens not in college/university or adults in full-time work because they don’t know the wonders of having so much free time in the summer only to go back to world of education for around 9 months. Only school kids, college kids and uni students know what the deal is. For school kids it’s a lot worse, at that age the fact that you’re free from school in general feels like a gift from God (well it did for me :D) and when that freedom’s over it really does feel like a kick in the teeth to have to go back to school. For college people the feeling is pretty similar, I think college people like the feeling of escape and most don’t want to go back. As for uni students, I think us lot love having soooooo much extra free time than school and college people, it’s a whole almost 4 months to do whatever you want. To have that amount of free time feels godly and to have to give it up is a sad feeling indeed. So with August being the only thing separating us uni students from that academic lifestyle again I think you can understand why the appearance of this month is quite troubling.

For me, I have had a decent summer so far to be honest, it has had some great moments which have been embedded in my memories forever, however there have also been some dull moments in time and there have been some downright hella boring moments that I would rather forget. One of my main issues with this summer has been the fact I haven’t been able to execute it in the way that I wanted. I had so many plans and projects I wanted to do, several of which never really got off the ground which has made me quite disheartened and grumpy. But hell we still have a good few weeks left of the summer, and the cinema will hopefully keep me entertained with the release of The Bourne Legacy, Brave and The Expendables 2 and maybe a couple more viewings of The Dark Knight Rises and then there’s the potential friend gatherings and nights out too! So hell might as well make the best of it! 😀

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