Doing everything and nothing in the summer time

28 Jul

Good day to all who may be reading this blog post, and today like it says in the title of this blog post I am literally gonna talk about how I’ve done so much and yet so little this summer so far.

So it’s already in the latter half of July and it feels like time is escaping me again. This seems to happen every summer after the year 2008 (besides parts of 2009 and 2011). Either way every time I seem to make plans to do something in the summer when the time actually comes around its like I’ll just sit down and chill for a few days and next thing you know several weeks have gone by and you’re like “Where the hell did the time go?”

That’s what time feels like in my hands, just slips through your fingertips.

So what have I actually done this summer? Well a lot in many ways and then not so much at the same time. So let’s start with the things I have accomplished.

Well I did say I would attempt to get a job this summer and to some degree I have been true to my word. While I don’t have a proper part-time or full-time job, I have gotten work via agencies and it has been very helpful in giving me skills that I’ll be able to use to get part-time work before going back into uni. It has been a very satisfying feel being able to get money for the work I’ve done and I’ve met some cool people along the way too which has been crackin too 🙂

That was the expression on my face when I got my money from my first job haha! XD

Outside of the job stuff I’ve gotten to go to the cinema a few times, after watching The Amazing Spider-Man and being impressed but not overly blown away I looked forward to the biggest film of the summer; The Dark Knight Rises. Luckily this film unlike Spider-Man blew me away and destroyed any expectations I had of the film and exceeded them tenfold. It was a very welcomed surprise and I loved it. However I have an issue at the moment, both Spider-Man and Batman I have yet to see a second time around. It seems like every time I’ve tried to plan something it’s continuously fallen apart for one reason or another. My mates have wanted to go and see it again, but they can’t because they either don’t have the money or it’s because the scheduling is awkward and someone won’t be able to make a certain day, so we keep pushing it back. So there I am attempting to watch it again on my own, but I always mess that up because I sleep in a lot or I just can’t be arsed to leave the house. But I seriously have to get back and see both films at least another 2 times (for Batman maybe 3 or 4 haha).

A brilliant piece work here. It’s definitely the film of the summer… Next to The Avengers of course 😀

And lastly I have sort of gotten back into my gaming groove by playing more of Kid Icarus: Uprising and revisiting Sonic Generations on my PS3. Both games have their fun times and when I’m in my happy place I can get a good game out of these 2 games, thought I can honestly say Kid Icarus is easily the better of the 2 games. Sonic Generations works on a nostalgic level, but other than that it’s really annoying and frustrating. And while Kid Icarus can be frustrating I think that just comes with the higher difficulty levels.

Okay so let’s talk about the stuff I haven’t done 😦

Firstly I think it’s just that whole happy summer feeling; it’s not here. While I have had fun here and there, to be honest this is not the kind of summer I was expecting. When I finally left my uni accommodation and moved into our new house I thought it’d be the start of something incredible, exciting and ridiculously fun with constant adventures going on all the time, especially with all the filming projects that me and my flatmate had thought up because we came to the house. But unfortunately none of that has come to pass. Everything has been slow, uninteresting and quite depressing thanks to the rain and an awkward-feeling house. I think I haven’t quite gelled with the new house as much as everyone else has and I think that’s throwing my groove off.

I can relate to this guy.

Secondly I have completely forgotten about a university assignment that needed to be re-submitted but the middle of August and me and my other flatmate who meant to work on one of the projects together have completely forgotten about it and because of our lazy nature I dunno if we’ll have that part sorted in time. So I’m gonna have to try really hard and hope to god that I can pull off an awesome miracle or something.

Well that’s it for another blog post ladies and gents, here’s hoping I’ll be back to blog about something else sooner rather than later and here’s also hoping it’ll be a on a slightly happier note next time! XD

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