My Indecisiveness in the summer time.

29 Jun

It seems at this point in the summer I have a lot of free time to laze around and do nothing and as much as I love being a lazy man of the world I do actually like to do stuff in my spare time. Luckily I have many things at my disposal to do, unfortunately I have a few to many options open which means that choices collide and clash meaning that I then become indecisive and never end up doing anything.

This is what my decision-making looks like on a near-daily basis.

Normally when I wake up I have a basic idea of what I want to do. I’ll normally go on my laptop and decide what my next motive is from there. But since it’s the summer time I feel like I should be doing more and capitalizing on my free time. Before I finished my first year of uni I said that I’d get so much done in the summer, but as of yet I have yet to scratch the surface of the plans that I sent up for myself. While I have encountered moments in time where I have done exactly what I wanted to do, those times are sparse at best and need to be in bigger supply. So what are my options? Well I’ll tell you below:


Now this is something I like to do, technically speaking it is what defines me. I’ve been drawing/sketching since the dawn of my existence, however in recent years it feels like I haven’t been as committed to it a I should be. After I came to uni I started sketching again, but now that the summer’s here I have barely drawn a thing and that’s problematic. I thought with all this free time that I would draw more than usual and get some of my comic ideas and portraits going, but I have yet to get into that kind of groove. Every time I want to sit down and draw something else interrupts me or I can’t find the incentive to work. I just hope that I can find that groove and start sketching properly before the summer ends.

Here’s a picture I drew of a friend of mine, this is what I want to be doing all the time during this summer.


If there is one thing that I need to start doing more of it is gaming. I call myself a gamer, yet I barely touch my consoles and have long gaming sessions like I should be and that is because of my indecisiveness and laziness. I’d say in the last quarter of 2011 was when I was in proper gaming mode when I was playing Sonic Generations and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Since then in 2012 I became the proud owner of a Nintendo 3DS and have been discovering the wonders of the portable console along with my casual playing of Mario Kart 7. But even then my gaming hasn’t gotten to that epic level yet.

Recently I have gotten a hold of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 and at first I really wasn’t into it, but after giving it a try I’ve liked it a lot. Its miles better than the first game in terms of graphics and control, but I need more time to assess the gameplay and level design. I’ve also tried out Transformers: War for Cybertron and also far its a pretty crackin game and I’m annoyed that I hadn’t played the game sooner, it’s gameplay is fast, kinetic and very fun. Transforming is great and the visuals and voice work is pretty damn impressive. And lastly after around 2 months of being lazy I finally got around to playing Kid Icarus: Uprising on my 3DS. While the control scheme for the game does feel awkward at times, the overall aerial and ground combat is incredibly fun and addictive, the graphics are fabulous and the voice work and soundtrack is very well-crafted.

I’m currently playing through this game and I’ll soon have my review up on my blog and on YouTube asap!

Me and gaming have a long way to go before we are back to the place where we were back in 2010 when I really cared for video games with a passion. I just want to be gaming the way that I did before; all the friggin time! 😀


Well the funny thing about this is that I do it nearly all the time, but recently things have started to slow down and my uploading of posts has slowed down significantly. This blog was created for work purposes when I started uni, but after a bit of tampering it turned into my own domain to write freely about anything on my mind. And for the first few months it was crazy, but around March to April things started to slow down and by May things really got inconsistent. My reviews are one of the more solid things on my blog, my film reviews and my episode reviews of the Ultimate Spider-Man are the main things that I blog about. But other than that my material on my blog has been rather lacking and needing much more consistency. Well I have a lot of drafted blog posts, but its all about the inspiration and timing, some times I feel like blogging and other times I can’t be arsed. But blogging has become part of my world since uni began  many months ago and I would like it to continue. So yeah this summer I need to get my blogging stuff back in check, for sure!

If nothing else specific comes up soon, then this will be the next thing I blog about. Look out for my comprehensive Spider-Man review!

Watching Movies/TV shows

As you may be able to tell from all the film reviews that I do on my blog and on YouTube, I love films. I live for them. It just fills my life with happiness.

Outside of films, I love TV too, though these days I don’t have a TV of my own to watch shows regularly so I play catch up online and recently I’ve gotten into a lot of American TV. Outside of watching my animated shows like The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Ultimate Spider-Man, I have recently started watching Fringe and I am obsessed! The show is so well-thought out, so cool and it has everything; science fiction, action, drama, mystery and so much more. Never have I been so addicted to a show since Boardwalk Empire. And speaking of that show I still need to watch the second season of that. And then there’s other HBO series that I’ve been meaning to watch now which is Game of Thrones. The second season has just ended and from what I have heard from my friends it sounds incredible and don’t wanna miss out on this epicness anymore. And then add to that my Idris Elba obsession that’s been going since last year, I really want to watch the two shows he’s most known for; The Wire and Luther. Both are critically acclaimed shows and have a lot of hype, however I have yet to see them, so I was hoping that this summer I would finally get around to watching both of them. But annoyingly I never like to watch more than one show at once because it messes with my continuity. So I say that I won’t watch another TV show until I’ve gotten up to date with Fringe, but even then, after finishing that show, finding a new one will be difficult with al of the material I have to work with. XD

I could even decide to clean my room, though I doubt I will due to the fact I shall be leaving my flat in a few weeks. But as you can see I have a variety of options at my disposal and yet I never know what to do or what to tackle first. When I do one thing, I feel like I should be doing something else at the same time and sometimes when I don’t pick something specifically I just avoid the choice altogether and do something else or worse, I do nothing 😦 I am hopeless in these types of situations haha.

This sign should really be given to me because I really have a bad habit of not being about to make up my mind on the simplest of tasks.

Well one could argue I shouldn’t be freaking out about trying to do so much in such a short space of time since I still have the whole of July and August to sort it out. However my indecisive behaviour can become terrible on occasions to the point where I put off things for days, which then turn into weeks and then months

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