Prometheus Review

16 Jun

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another film review and today’s review will be on the latest science fiction film Prometheus. Now unlike most of my usual reviews this oe will be a much more condensed block of writing unlike my usual writing style.

There was a lot of talk, speculation and hype behind this film before its release. So is it good? Read on to hear my thoughts on it.

So here we are in June with the release of Prometheus, the latest film from Ridley Scott that sees him return to genre of science fiction to give a film on a grand scale that promises great sci-fi elements, action, potential horror and violence thanks to its 15 film certificate. Much hype was floating around this film because of the viral campaign, massive advertising and most importantly the hype surrounding this films connection to the Alien franchise as a potential prequel to the original film or not.

Now I’ve already placed this film as my fourth favourite film of the year and have given a decent mini review of what I thought of the film in a recent blog post about my top 5 films of 2012. ut for those wanting some extra clarification I’ll try to elaborate. As I said before Prometheus came out there was much hype, I can recall when the teaser trailer came out back in December of 2011 and I’m sure that in many places of the internet the world blew up. After that point everyone was talking about Prometheus, like it was going to be the film of the year or something. Even before that teaser trailer was released, nuff people were talking about this film on websites and in film magazines, just loads of places talking about Prometheus and before December I can’t say I was very much interested, thought I did keep a sneaky eye on updates on the film every now and then. But then I watched the teaser trailer and said to myself“Okay this film is worth my time.” And from that point onwards I followed everything and every subsequent trailer got me more and more excited. The main reason I was interested in this film was because I wanted to know much of connection this film would be to the first Alien film, but hearing Ridley Scott be so coy about the subject in interviews was kind of annoying. So I just decided to stay open-minded about the subject.

So story of Prometheus in a summarised fashion goes a little something like this:

” A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.”

For me I thought the film was pretty good, though I was a tad conflicted at the time of leaving the cinema as to whether I really liked the film or not. about the way I think about the film. The story is a good for the most part, but unfortunately it’s a bit predictable and once the mystery unfolds some of the generic codes and conventions of the science fiction and horror genres become apparent. It also doesn’t help that the film also suffers from a cast of one-dimensional characters, a lot the people in this film you know are just there to die in some way done the line. Luckily there are three decent performances from Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Idris Elba. Though in truth the only standout performance and main person you care about is Michael Fassbender as David, he was incredible, versatile and the main thing that kept this film afloat. Oh and before I forget I have to give a shout out has to go out to Idris Elba as Captain Janek, he was just this cool, calm and collected character who just did his job but was also hella funny and a right badass who I enjoyed watching in the film too.

There was a lot of good stuff to be found in Prometheus, for one it was a great-looking film, with a great atmosphere created by the  CGI and visual style, it also had action and some nice gruesome scenes of violence. However the film lacked the creepy and disturbing nature present in the 1979 Alien film, plus there wasn’t any proper scares, suspense or surprise. The film was a little predictable and some of the characters were dull and uninspired, you just knew that a good number of them would die. Now as a film that takes place in the same universe as Alien it has a lot of notable references here and there, but it should be noted that the film technically isn’t a direct prequel to Alien it just has elements of it sprinkled all over the place. Overall I think Prometheus a good film that looks incredible from a visual standpoint and features some great scenes of action and gruesome stuff, but  it has issues with its story and some very uninteresting and predictable characters (bar the people I mentioned specifically beforehand). Though I think the worst thing for Prometheus was the fact that the hype was too high, lots of people expected far too much and that’s why I think not too many people came away happy with the end result. But again do not let that deter you from watching the film, go watch Prometheus, it’s a good summer film, just lower your expectations and you’ll be fine.

Well that’s my thoughts on the film in a smaller format, if you want to know everything I thought about Prometheus then check my video review below:

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