My Top 5 Films of 2012 So Far.

14 Jun

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another blog post! Okay here we are at the halfway point of the year, it’s finally June and there are many films that have come out this year and still many to come through the summer right up until the end of 2012. So with that in mind I thought I would give you my top 5 films of the year so far, in order from my top favourite to number 5.


To be honest was there any doubt in your mind about what my top choice would be? I have been going on about this film long before it was released talking about trailers and complaining about the waiting period before it was released in April over here in the UK. Suffice to say The Avengers aka Avengers Assemble was everything I ever wanted in a comic film and then some, it had action, it had a good story to tell and a wonderful soundtrack and it was really funny! But most importantly it got the characters right, thanks to the power of Joss Whedon as the director and writer! Marvel Studios got it right and all their developing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the last 4 years paid off. The Avengers got all those individual superheroes from their own films and put them together in this one with all of the conflict and resolution you would expect. All of the actors and actresses brought heir A-games and had some brilliant chemistry in many scenes too. This film really was the definition of a true comic book film, made for fans of Marvel material and while it may not win over Dark Knight-obsessed fans, anyone who can appreciate a good, solid, action summer film will have a good time with The Avengers.


The funny thing about this documentary was that I didn’t even know it existed until around two weeks before it’s release when I was in my local Cineworld in Luton and saw it advertised on the TV. So I researched about Marley and saw it got a full 5 star rating from Empire Magazine so then I was like “Okay now I have to see this film!” Lucky I did go when I did because the film had a limited screening in the UK and was only available in certain cinemas. But anyway, was Marley good? Hell yes! Marley is probably the most comprehensive look at the life of Bob Marley in a film format. This documentary went above and beyond to give you th definite story about the origins and life of Bob Marley through the archive footage and interviews with his family and friends. For me I really wanted to watch this film due to the fact that my knowledge of Bob Marley is pretty weak, so Marley was very insightful and comprehensive in the information it provides with the viewer. It is loud, proud and profound, it touches the soul in many ways due to Bob Marley’s tenacity and flair and most importantly his famous music that’s scattered all over the documentary. It is truly an incredible watch and I recommend it to everyone especially Bob Marley fans!


Now long before the epic Avengers film would grace our cinema screens we had this film right at the start of the year. Chronicle for me was a film that seemed like it would be an interesting watch, but not be anything worth mentioning after the film ended. But to my surprise Chronicle was a fantastic little science fiction film that gave us a more realistic look at what would happen in the real world if teenagers were to obtain super powers. The fact that the film was all shot using that found footage style of camera work was very interesting and risky, for the most part it worked though it could be a tad iffy at times too. From the trailers you got an interesting yet basic story premise: three guys obtain super powers and use them for their own needs, but one of them goes bad and has to be stopped. But luckily there was much more to the story then that, each of the three teenagers were different and engaging, most importantly Andrew, the teen that goes rouge and causes a lot of destruction later on in the film. Chronicle was definitely a very inventive, intriguing and fantastic look into a more realistic form of superhero movie in many ways. Chronicle had some incredible action sequences, great acting from the three main lead actors, it also had a very dark and gruesome nature as the film unfolded and there was also some great nods to the anime film Akira.


When it comes to this film, I remember before the teaser trailer came out and there was many people on websites talking about Prometheus and I didn’t really care that much. Then I watched the teaser trailer and thought “You know what this is worth my attention.” But the main reason I was interested in this film was because I wanted to know much of connection this film would be to the first Alien film, but hearing Ridley Scott be so coy about the subject in interviews was kind of annoying. So I just decided to stay open-minded about the subject. Though I would bare in mind what Ridley Scott said about Prometheus having “strands of Alien’s DNA, so to speak” and when he said this film take places in the same universe but isn’t a direct prequel. Prometheus has come out recently, it’s been out here in the UK for almost 2 weeks and it’s been around for just one week over in the US. And of course I have seen already, I saw it on opening day on June 1st and for me I thought it was pretty darn good, though at the same time I am a tad conflicted about the way I think about the film. I mean there are clearly things that I liked and things that I didn’t, but when I came out of the cinema screening and my sister asked me what I thought I had to think about it a little bit before coming to a decision. Prometheus was a great-looking film, with a great visual style through the use of CGI and the film also had a nice soundtrack, but it lacked the creepy and disturbing nature present in Alien and the trailers leading up to Prometheus‘ release. It had action, some gruesome violence and an atmosphere of its own, but there wasn’t any real scares, suspense or surprise. The film was a little predictable and some of the characters were dull and uninspired, you just knew that a good number of them would die. The only standout performance would be Michael Fassbender as David and a shout out has to go out to Idris Elba as Janek, he was hella funny and such a badass. I think Prometheus a good film, but the hype was too high and that’s why I think not too many people came away happy with the end result.


Now this was film I was hoping to be good before it was released. I mean it had been 10 years since the second film and after its lengthy development process and troubles during filming, the third installment in the Men In Black franchise could have easily turned out to be a horrible mistake that shouldn’t have been made. Luckily though Men In Black 3 was a good film all round that seemed to recover some of that classic 90s magic that made the original so popular. While this film didn’t better the original, it was a hell of a lot better than MIB2. For me it was great to see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agents J and K, that chemistry between the two of them is still as solid as ever, but I think this film really hit its stride when Josh Brolin stepped in as young Agent K, his ability to imitate Tommy Lee Jones is insanely good! And its great that Brolin has that same chemistry with Smith and it makes for some really funny scenes in the film. While the story of the film is a little lacking in areas and the villain isn’t overly memorable, Men In Black 3 works on many levels and for me I love it for its nostalgia factor and the fact that Will Smith is back in the world of films!

Well that’s my pick of my favourite films of the year so far. And while some of my choices may not surprise you I think maybe two of them might. To be honest 2012 never provided me much to work with in the way of good films until around May and while there were a few gems to be found, a lot the films just ended up being really dull or disappointing. I really didn’t find myself having fun until The Avengers came around. Luckily the summer looks to be filled with a lot of promise in the shape of big titles like Brave, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, The Bourne Legacy, The Expendables 2 and Total Recall. But there’s many other titles lurking around like Rock of Ages, Fast Girls, Ted and The Watch that I really want to check out. Any even after that there’s still Skyfall in October and The Hobbit in December too. 2012 better not leave me disappointed at the end of the year! Well let’s see how this summer pans out first.

Anyways thanks for reading people! 😀

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