The First Trailer For Skyfall

21 May

Howdy ladies and gentlemen of the web, just thought I’d drop by and do a blog post on the first trailer for the new James Bond film, entitled, Skyfall. If you haven’t seen the trailer watch it below:

Now I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been waiting for a trailer for this film for ages! I have been following this film since the time it was still known as Bond 23, when MGM was having its financial issues back in 2010 and then when production finally got off of the ground last year and everything that followed. So then in October last year we got the name of the film and in recent times there’s been video blogs of the behind-the-scenes action going on in Skyfall and it all seems sooooooooooooo cool. and just the other day we got the first official poster…

Looking fabulous, very classic, very stylish.

But now we finally have a trailer and it’s frigging awesome! It is technically just a teaser trailer, but I think it’s totally great. What we get here is an interesting interrogation scene with Bond as he’s asked a series of questions, at first it’s just the audio from their voices over other footage on-screen, but then the scene is intercut with other footage. And afterwards what we get is some shots of beautiful scenery, action, explosions and some lady time with Bond. This trailer gives a lot of the codes and conventions that come with a Bond film; we get suspense, action, chase sequences, explosions, love scenes and most importantly mystery. What this trailer does best is leave you asking many questions about what will follow. I also like how the James Bond theme song was incorporated into the trailer ever so slightly with a more electronic sound to it. For me it was lovely. Also as I mentioned before there is some lovely scenery in this film, the cinematography looks incredible from the footage that this trailer provides especially the shots from China, they look insane! The overall look of this film has a very classic Bond feel to them, but it also has the look of the modern-styled Bond films too. I’ve watch the trailer like 3 times already and I’m stupidly hyped for this now. The Avengers started off the “Awesome films of 2012” train and Skyfall looks like it will follow-up that awesome train after the summer’s over. If this trailer is anything to go by, then the end result for this Bond film will be bloody awesome! 😀

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