Lazy Times and Lazy Blogging

19 May

Howdy to all who read my blogs, basically today’s blog post about how my laziness and my blogging inconsistency in recent times and the reason behind it… But let’s be blunt here, I’ve gotten lazy. Period.

Now this is a pretty good example of how lazy I have gotten in recent times.

In the last month my commitment to my blogging hasn’t been as strong, so that’s why I have only mainly done one or two uploads very sparsely over the space of several days rather than doing one every two or three days. Some days I’d swing by WordPress and I’d want to blog but then just say to myself “I can’t be arsed.” And in truth that’s just the way I’ve felt for a while. I was just feeling super lazy and felt no obligation to write anything even though I had so many topics and drafted and ready to publish. Though laziness has not been the only thing stopping me from blogging.

On top of my lack of blog time I have had a lot of uni work to take care of in the last 3 weeks. There has been a good few deadlines that have needed to be met and most of them have involved essays and after all of that bloody typing I was doing I really wasn’t keen on coming back here to do the same thing. I’m sure you can understand that 🙂 University has been a tedious process in the last few weeks and the assignment have drained all of the fun from my body so when it would to blogging, the inspiration wouldn’t be there. Oh speaking of uni I’m done! Yeah I just finished my first year and I am loving the freedom. I don’t have to wake up early anymore, I don’t feel guilty when I’m doing anything other than my work and I don’t have to be anywhere of any degree of importance. It’s a fabulous feeling… However that freedom comes at a cost. Now that I don’t have uni to keep my schedule in check I have nothing to do and it sucks. It normally means I’m just hanging around my flat being bored as hell. Now I would do something outside if there was things to do around here that wouldn’t cost me money. The only to do is go out and party and while I would love to do that, I am not financially in a position to do that all the time. Which leads me into another point; I need a job. I’m constantly looking and yet I get no response and it’s a very tedious process, but it needs to be done so I can have some stability XD

In the end I would love for it to be the summer and just chill the hell out with no problems in my mind.

Just like Calvin & Hobbes here I would love to chill somewhere with a smile on my face, totally carefree.

Eventually I’ll wait for days like these to come when the summer rolls around. For now I have many things to sort out. Firstly I really want to get Sonic 4: Episode 2, I have heard such a mixed response about the game and I just want to get a hold of it and tamper with it for myself. Like watching The Avengers again. Unfortunately I have still only seen it twice and it breaks my heart. I should have seen it at least another 2 times since about 3 weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll be getting around to it until I go back home next week. I just home it’ll be in the cinema for that long or I will cry 😦 And speaking next week… THE MCM LONDON EXPO IS AROUND THE CORNER!  Yes, indeed it’s almost Expo time again. This convention is a place I have been attending for the last 4 years and while I am regretfully only going for one day this May, I will be doing the full adventure in October, that much I can promise! But for now I can’t wait to meet up with my best friend Chris and be able to do this whole Expo experience again.

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