Stuck in the world of boredom…

09 May

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to another blog post about me and my issues with boredom. I hate to keep making blogs about how bored I am, but in the end this all I can think of doing when I’m mega bored, I blog, it’s just the way I function.

I don’t know how this happens to me so often, it just seems like there are days where nothing happens or I just can’t sem to find something to preoccupy my time so then I become consumed by boredom. It’s actually incredible considering that I am in a city like Sheffield with so much to do and yet I still find a way to be stuck inside bored as hell. It happens for days on end. Sometimes I’ll get up and not feel like doing anything even though there’s tons of stuff to use at my disposal. I have 2 video game consoles with loads of games, I also have loads of DVDs to watch and then there’s all the stuff I said I’d review for YouTube too… And yet I don’t feel compelled to do any of it. I just sit in my chair spinning around or watching videos on YouTube or just staring into space or just taking random naps in the daytime. I just can’t function without something more substantial going on. If I had a job or had to go into uni I’d at least have something to do, I would gladly give up my free time for something that requires me to leave my flat. But alas things aren’t as easy. Technically speaking I’ve finished my first year of uni so I have no reason to go back until September and on the job front I’m on a constant watch for a job and yet I can’t see anything so that sucks.

I also have no incentive to go outside because most days its raining and I dunno what it is about rainy days in Sheffield but for some reason it just makes me all moody and depressed (still dunno why!). Plus I’m not in the mood to get wet either. Today I am currently watching a Resident Evil LP on YouTube and in between that I am listening to music and right now I have the song “Level” by The Raconteurs on repeat coz its a great song that kicks ass! I have uni work that needs to be done but I feel no need to start it because I am not in that working frame of mind yet, plus I really can’t be arsed and I know I can get it done before the deadline anyway. I am also a tad annoyed that my flatmate has gone off to the cinema to watch The Avengers for the third time WITHOUT ME! 😦 This is an incident that I shall not forget very easily yo. So yeah with all of those things in mind I am in a bit of a funk at the moment, though given a bit of time I’m assuming that things will sort themselves out. I just need the summertime to kick in and I’ll be as a right as rain 😀

Soon enough that’ll be me in the summertime, I can’t wait!

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