Sunday Boring Sunday

01 Apr

Ah Sundays, how I hate them. Sure Sundays they are meant to be a day of rest and relaxation, a point where you can reflect on the week gone by and enjoy your small time of freedom before the week starts up again. but for me it has to be the worst day of the week purely based on one key factor… They. Are. Boring!

Now on most occasions I don’t mind Sundays. In my life I’ve always just considered it just a random day in the week where nothing happens and I used to take them as they came, sometimes they’d feel nice and relaxing and other days they were just the barrier of freedom between you and the next week of horrible school or college life. But in recent times Sundays have gotten bad yo, they are just unbearable. And it is down to the basic fact that nothing happens. And most people say that if you’re bored and you have nothing to do then you go and create some entertainment for yourself. But what if being in your own company sucks and you want to be in the company of your friends or just want some sort of event to happen but none of those options are on the cards? Nothing! That’s what! You’re stuck.

While I love my “me time”, I thrive on being in the company of others, doing anything from hanging out, to going to the cinema or playing video games. Before coming to university Sundays were tolerable, but these days they are crazy boring. Besides one or two great Sundays with my new friends from Sheffield, most Sundays of the last few months I have spent them in my room just watching catch-up TV online and wanting to go out, but since there is never anyone free to come outside I’m always stuck in the realm of bordem. Even today the weather’s been sunny, beautiful and great to hang in… But again I have no one to hang with so I’m stuck inside to complain about things as usual.

Well who knows, maybe this cycle will break after the summer kicks in, but for now Sundays are dull, unattractive and is the one day in the week that really needs an exciting factor or it can just go disappear in a black hole somewhere :S

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