Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2012: Monster Hunter 4

25 Mar

Welcome to another instalment in Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2012 and today’s game will be the next in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter 4. Now I know Monster Hunter Tri G will be the next Monster Hunter game to come out, but since that’s just an enhanced version of the Wii game that came out in 2010 I’m not counting it and skipping ahead to this sequel instead.

Now I think it was safe to say that it was a massive surprise to hear about this game’s announcement at Nintendo’s pre-TGS conference last year. It’s no surprise that the series would keep going after its successful track record in japan and it’s small, yet ever-growing fan base over on western shores. And with the big success with Monster Hunter Tri on the Nintendo Wii and the continuation of the MH series on the PSP with the last game, Monster Hunter Freedom (aka Monster Hunter Portable 3rd) another game in the series seemed likely. So then there was appearance of Monster Hunter Tri G which was an upgraded version of the Wii game, coming to the Nintendo 3DS with new features, weapons and monsters too. Seemed cool and another interesting games to add to the 3DS library. But what I don’t think many people expected was the fact Monster Hunter 4 was already in development and that it was a 3DS exclusive! That was the icing on the cake for me haha. 😀

Here’s the brilliant video:

I think that was the real shocker. The fact that the next game was coming to the 3DS was an unlikely choice, I mean at the time the 3DS’s sales weren’t that great and it’s library of games were pretty weak (besides Super Street Fighter IV and Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D) until the latter half of the year when Mario Kart 7, Mario 3D Land & Star Fox 64 3D had come out. But I guess it was great for Nintendo, plus Capcom have been making a good few games for Nintendo with game series’ like Mega Man, Ace Attorney, Resident Evil and Viewitul Joe to name a few and let’s not forget their collaborations in making some of the Legend of Zelda games too.

But now let’s move onto the trailer and what we saw in the footage that was shown off. It seemed like the same traditional visual style that’s part of the MH series was present here, but it seemed to boast a much richer and more vivid colour palette than previous games with very warm colours. I think that was due to the look of the creature, the environment and the sunset towards the end of the video. The trailer also showed off some new game mechanics that have never been in previous games like elements of platforming, jumping onto the creature’s back and attacking them Shadow of the Colossus style and there was also scenes of destruction to the environment too which is a nice aspect to add to the series. these are all interesting and nice stuff they are adding to Monster Hunter 4 and I can’t wait to see what else they implement into the game.

For me Monster Hunter Tri was one of the best purchases I made in 2010, I played the hell out of that game on my Wii and truly felt like part of a gaming community when it came to the online experience which was incredible! With all of the features on the 3DS from the obvious 3D enhancements that could be made to the game to the use of the Gyroscope, Street Pass, the AR Cards etc. Capcom could really increase the power of MH4 to a ridiculous level and make a really memorable and fantastic game for the 3DS like the recent Kid Icarus: Uprising or Resident Evil: Revelations. I kind of wish MH4 was coming to a home console like the Wii U or to some degree the PS3 or Xbox 360 because I feel those kinds of games work better on a home console with a game controller and on a massive TV, but that’s just me. Well the last MH game that was on the PSP is being ported to the PS3 for a HD makeover so maybe there’s hope for a Wii U port of the game in the future? Only time will tell…

Now funnily enough even though this blog post is about games I’m looking forward to in 2012 I’m not sure that the game will actually arrive this year. Think about it for a second, Japan have a to be announced release date for the game, but it’s still attached to 2012 for them so chances are that they’ll still get this game before the year is out. But with the Western release especially with a game series like Monster Hunter, we normally don’t get the game for a bout a year or at best a good few months down the line after it’s been released in Japan. So who knows, if anything the western release of this game may not come around until 2013! And if that’s the case I’d cry, but in a lot of cases that may be the most logical thing to happen.

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