More Info, Pics & A New Video on Sonic 4: Episode 2

14 Mar

After waiting for information on this game, we finally have some new information and media to look at concerning Sonic 4: Episode 2 thanks to the power of Sonic Stadium!

Firstly let’s tackle the information section. So what have we got on the cards? Well there has been an interesting interview with Ken Balough in the recent Segabits podcast about all things Sonic 4: Episode 2 and mentioning specifically about the game’s improved physics over the Episode 1. There is a specific mention about Episode 2’s new physics and here’s what Ken had to say about it:

You’ll notice the changes right from the get-go. We took fan feedback and made sure he doesn’t uncurl. So now when he rolls up those hills, he’ll stay in ball-attack form. The other thing was to start having the game have more momentum style physics similar to the Genesis. In act 2 of Silvania Castle, it starts off at a big hill. So if you just put Sonic towards the edge and have him tuck and roll (not spindash) and let him roll naturally, you can put your controller down because not only will he roll down that hill, but he’ll actually pick up speed and roll off a ramp (for example) and have it similar in essence to the way it was on the Genesis.”

So that is some good signs from what we’ve seen here, again it seems like Sega have paid attention to the fan feedback and applied it to Sonic 4: Episode 2 with the uncurling problem fixed and momentum-based gameplay returning. But again we need more legit video to see if there is a true difference from the previous entry. If you wish to hear the full interview and get more info on the game it is available to download or listen to online at:

With all this good news there has also come some bad news recently, in an interview talking to the website DigitalSpy, Takashi Iizuka has said that there are currently no plans for another episode of Sonic 4 with these being his exact words:

We are looking forward to hearing the feedback from the users for Episode 2, but we are currently not planning to release another episode. We just want to see how the users accept this episode.”

Now as it is mentioned on Sonic Stadium this is subject to change especially if the feedback for Episode 2 is good and if the fans demand it enough I believe the series could expand to a third episode with addition of Knuckles that a lot of Sonic fans have wanted for a while now.

Go on think about, we all want Sonic 4: Episode 3 to happen and we all want Knuckles to be in it. So what’s the deal SEGA? Give us what we want and confirm the next episode already! XD

Okay with all that info out oft he way here’s a load of new screenshots released by SEGA yesterday:

There are 15 overall but I’m only showcasing some of them here, in the whole set you can see more of Sylvania Castle Zone and White Park Zone’s boss fights with Dr.Eggman and Metal Sonic. If you want to see them all they’re available to view at:

And lastly I save the best thing for last, another new video for Sonic 4: Episode 2 via the GDC 2012. While it’s for Android, it still gives us a good idea of how the gameplay will flow and work overall.

To best honest this is the best gameplay demo we’ve had of Sonic 4:Episode 2, the person playing actually looks like they know what they are doing and in doing so we can see some of the improvements that the game developers have made to this new entry in terms of the physics and momentum-based gameplay so it’s some good signs early on. there is also the confirmation that the mobile version of Episode 2 will contain two exclusive bonus levels. That is incredibly cruel and unfair to us console gamers, sure the same rule applied to the mobile version of Sonic 4: Episode 1 but those levels were irrelevant, but with this new game looking as good as it does will us console gamers be missing out on this new content? Only time will tell.

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