The Avengers Trailer 2: Avengers Assemble

29 Feb

Holy man just when I thought my excitement for The Avengers film couldn’t get any higher, they release the second full trailer and good gravy… IT. IS. FRIGGIN’. AWESOME! I swear to god everything about this trailer screams awesomeness. I thought we got a good look at the film with the first trailer and the Super Bowl teaser too, but this trailer just showcases so much more on a much deeper level that it overshadows the last two trailers in every way, shape or form. I mean unlike most films where you see one trailer and you get an idea of what’s going on and then another one comes along and things look just about the same as it did before, The Avengers has found a way to release trailers of the film that exceed the awesomeness of the previous one. Each trailer that has come out for this film has gotten better and better, giving us a better insight into the characters, the situations, the struggle and the impending doom that Earth now faces. This trailer looks like it has the action sequences spot on with some super sweet actions scenes involving everyone. We also see some more of that friction within the team and also see that there is going to be some heart behind this film and it’s not going to be just another mindless superhero film, but a film with logic and some degree of complexity. All I can say is Iron Man is still awesome, Thor is still looking badass, Hulk, holy man, just wow, the action is great and Loki, damn that guy is the coolest bad guy ever! Anyway enough of my rambling check out the trailer below right now!

I seriously think that this could be the best film of the year or at least of the summer, even if the film sucks it’ll still be worth it just so see all this awesome stuff go down on the big screen in the cinema. When I watched this trailer with my friend I swear I just died, so many moments of awesomeness showcased in a two and a half-minute trailer, I was so giddy like a school it was unreal. I’m sure I’ll probably watch this trailer like five more times before the film comes out because I think I’ve become immediately obsessed! All I can say at this point is… AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!! 😀

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