Even More Sonic 4: Episode 2 Pics And Info

27 Feb

It seems like the news on Sonic 4: Episode 2 just keeps coming, just recently some additional information has come up via Sonic Stadium and just had to post about it 😀

Firstly it has been reported that unlockable Avatar Awards will be available for Xbox Live owners and they’ll have the chance to dress their Avatar’s as Sonic’s nemesis Dr Robotnik/Eggman. Here’s the pics below:

And secondly SEGA Japan have launched their official website for Sonic 4: Episode 2 which features character profiles, a Zones section and a co-op play section among other things. And even better is the fact that the website has released 24 new screenshots for the game showcasing some co-op gameplay, platforming and puzzle-solving elements too. Here’s some of those new pictures:

It’s great to see a return to the snowboarding sections in a Sonic game, it’s very reminiscent of Sonic 3, Sonic Adventure & Sonic Rush Adventure.

From these new screenshots it has also been confirmed that they cover all three Acts of Sylvania Castle Zone (Aquatic/Marble Arch Zones from Sonic 2 & 3) and White Park Zone (Ice Cap/Carnival Night Zones from Sonic 3). So if you take a look at all of the screenshots it is interesting the way in which they have gotten all of the locations to connect to each other. To see all 24 screenshots click here!

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