The Avengers Super Bowl Trailer Review

06 Feb

Just wanted to do a quick blog post on the latest trailer of The Avengers and my thoughts on it. Since the first short trailer came out for this film around the time Captain America: The First Avenger came out I was stupidly hyped for this film. Then in September the first full trailer came out and I blew up, I watched it several times and I was so excited that my heart was gonna give out. So then a few months down the line we get the next big trailer thanks to the Super Bowl.

This latest trailer showcases so much more interesting scenes on top of the stuff we’ve already seen. We have some new short awesome shots of Thor, Hawkeye and Iron Man, there’s also a slightly better look at the new enemy (Loki’s army) attacking the city, though not much but clearer than before. There’s also a great short of the whole team together and it looks so frigging sexy, holy man it’s so hot. Then there’s a neat little scene with Loki and Tony Stark and then we get the last piece of awesomeness, the Hulk! It is the best several seconds ever, he looks pretty damn epic. Basically from what I’ve seen I am in love and will probably watch this several more times over the week XD This looks like its going to be one of the best summer movies in 2012, hopefully it is, hopefully this is the film of the century and it makes all comic book fans and casual film audience members cry with tears of happiness. May 4th couldn’t come any sooner!!!

Here’s the trailer below:




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