Games I’m Looking forward to in 2012: Animal Crossing 3DS

03 Feb

In 2012 there is a lot to look forward to in the world of gaming, not only are there a lot of returning franchises, but there are also new releases too. One game in particular I’m looking forward to is Animal Crossing 3DS, now I can imagine people rolling their eyes at this choice of game and in a way I can understand them, because I used to be one of them. I used to think that Animal Crossing was one of the most random and uninteresting franchises in existence and after Animal Crossing: Wild World came out, it got loads of high reviews and everyone was talking about it. I really couldn’t understand what the hype was a about. That was until I played Wild World myself in 2008, my god, after that I never looked back. I bought the game off of my friend for £10 just to see if it was any good and almost immediately the game had me hooked and while you wouldn’t think a game about catching bugs & fish, maintaining a house and talking to and exchanging items with people would be so addictive, but it is. Whether you’re digging up fossils, buying items from the shop or updating the interior of your house as it expands, there’s a wealth of stuff to do and I that’s all on the offline experience. I’ve never had the chance to go online with Animal Crossing when it was introduced on the DS because I never knew anyone who had the game or had anyone’s friend codes, plus my DS is really fussy when it comes to online functionality too so that sucked.

After I played this game, I was hooked and finally saw the addictive nature of the Animal Crossing series.

Overall Animal Crossing: Wild World was a really good game and it provided me with endless amounts of fun at random times of the day, the game was so addictive that I would stay up until after 4am to keep collecting and updating certain features in the game. I really did fall in love with the simplicity of the gameplay, the characters, lifestyle created in the game. I still play the game on the odd occasion in present times, though not nearly as much as I used due to the fact that I have collected most of the stuff in the game and its fun factor isn’t as strong as it was back in 2009. I reckon that after around 2 years Animal Crossing starts to lose its novelty unless you have many friends to play with wirelessly or online.

Look at the difference between the DS & 3DS. The height, shape and detail are clearly upgraded from before.

Now I know the Animal Crossing series started on the GameCube many years ago now, then had its first sequel on the DS in 2005 and then after that in 2008 the third game in the series, Animal Crossing: City Folk came out (I’m not calling it by that stupid title it got in the UK release as I think it is a pointless change) and at the time I was ready to buy the game, however the gameplay didn’t look that much better than the DS version, plus there were not enough new features in the Wii version for me to buy City Folk. And so I have waited a long time and then in 2010 the next game in the series was announced and then a little while after that at E3 2011 we got a look at the new game, Animal Crossing 3DS. Not only did it look noticeably different from the previous entries in the series, but it also looks a hell of a lot better. Everything is so much sharper, colourful and the lighting is incredible and the different seasons look lovely too. Not only that but the character models have more shape and figure, you can also change their pants and shoes as well as their t-shirts. We saw so many fancy elements in the trailer like being able to sit on benches to the lamp posts now being available and the seeing the male character in the Link tunic, but the best part of the trailer came at the end where you can see that your character can swim in the sea, I was so happy that got implemented into the game. The animals too had received a noticeable difference, the games developers added more detailed and vary in height from each other.

Now I can honestly say that while I’m not a major fan of the series, after Wild World I know that I need the 3DS Animal Crossing to replace the hole in my gaming world where gaming is simple, relaxing and absurdly addictive. I believe that people hate on the Animal Crossing based on the stuff that you do in the games and the way that they are structured, but unless you’ve played the games (especially Wild World) then you really can’t say anything. Unless you’ve played the games and didn’t like them then your reasons are justified. But this series has a pretty big fan base and we’re all looking forward to the release of this new instalment in the series when it eventually shows up. Another thing to note about this game is that if it turns out to be good and innovate, then imagine the epicness that could take place on the Wii U with its new controller and innovative features. The possibilities for this series are endless with Nintendo hardware behind it.

I’m already liking the look of this game and with the new features that the 3DS could bring to the series, we could be looking at the best installment in the series, as long as the game is lengthy, varied and has a high level of customization with the online functionality is on the extreme then Animal Crossing 3DS may be one of the best games on this handheld system. Only time will tell.





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2 responses to “Games I’m Looking forward to in 2012: Animal Crossing 3DS

  1. Animal crossing fan

    April 7, 2012 at 5:52 am

    Just a question, do you know the release date of the animal crossing 3ds game? just askin’….

    • hypersonic55

      April 7, 2012 at 10:02 am

      Besides a recent rumour from a French video game retailer stating that the game would possibly come out in Europe in September, the came is still only supposed to come out in 2012, but doesn’t have an official release date for North America, Europe or Japan. Though most people assume the game will come out after E3.


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