Waiting for Sonic Generations is near impoosible!

01 Nov

Hello there to all how may be reading, basically as you can tell from reading the title of this blog, I am growing a tad impatient waiting for the release of the latest Sonic game, Sonic Generations. I’ve waited for this game since it was visually confirmed back in April 2011 and now that the game is so close to its release date the waiting process is killing me!!!


This is me right now!

As one can see from all of the footage in the gameplay videos and trailers Sonic Generations is a love letter of game to all Sonic fans who have been playing since the days of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. Ever since the game has come out I’ve kept up to date with every little bit of news that’s emerged, because I don’t know if you can tell yet but I am a Sonic-obsessed fan, I love Sonic to death. He was the whole reason I started sketching and was the first video game I played when I kid back in the 90’s. Even in recent times when Sonic games have not been nearly as good as former years, I still have a lot of love for games like Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Rush 1 & 2, the Secret Rings, Unleashed & Colours too.


Having to wait for a game this awesome-looking should be against the law!

It’s totally unfair that US gamers get to play the game today while we over here in the UK have to wait until Friday, its soooooo painful having to wait for something that you really, really need! After some thought and after talking to my flatmate I decided to play the Sonic Generations Demo on his Xbox 360 and my god was it good, it was like getting super satisfaction all in one place, I went through the Green Hill Zone as classic and modern Sonic several times over and it felt so amazing I can’t even describe it to you. My flatmate saw it and he laughed for ages because I sat there in same position for ages with massive grin on my face, I was so high on that demo it was crazy. So now I am playing music from the soundtracks of Sonic and the Secret Rings, Unleashed and Colours which is really gearing me up and making me well happy! But still… I NEED THIS GAME NOW!!!!!


Well Friday better come pretty soon as I am just about ready to explode from all this waiting for the latest Sonic game. đŸ˜›

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