Northern Bald Ibis Birds are awesome!

26 Oct

While messing around on the internet in one of my uni classes I happened to be looking for different types of cool animals and I happened to be just randomly searching for anything slightly out of the ordinary and then I came across this amazing creature called the Northern Bald Ibis!

I mean just look at this magnificent creature, don’t you think it looks amazing?

I mean I have come across some pretty badass-looking birds in my time but when I came across this bird today while looking through Wikipedia and I have to say its one of the coolest-looking birds I have ever seen! There just happens to be a dark, mysterious, yet truly awesome thing about this type of bird that I cannot describe. It gives of the same sort of aura you would expect from a crow, but obviously this bird is of the larger kind. Seriously the Northern Bald Ibis has a very creepy, yet distinctive look and I believe it really should have a place in the media in the shape of a film or in a graphic novel/comic because there is some awesome art techniques you could use for it. Looking at it I really want to draw one of these birds and I would probably try to incorporate it into one of my comics and I already have one in mind. While I already have a horse in that particular comic, I’m sure I can find a place for this amazing bird. I want one of these Northern Bald Ibis birds, I’m not gonna lie. They look too cool for me not to own one. Even though they’re an endangered species I have to get one. If not that then I’d really like to meet one, I think this bird may become one of my new favourite animals next to koalas, red pandas, normal pandas and eagles.

Northern Bald Ibis birds rock! 😀




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