I love Jazz!

20 Oct

Jazz, it’s one of the best genres of music in the world, I just feel so content with the world when the sound of jazz hits my ears. It’s so calming, so soothing and you could listen to it for hours on end without it ever getting boring. I’ve noticed in my more recent years that for some reason I can never take jazz in small dosages, I need to listen to it for long periods of time.

Ray Charles GI

The man who started it all off… Ray Charles you rule!

I really do believe jazz to be one of the most/if not the most addictive form of music in existence. It has varied tempos and can change, it can be super quick or nice and slow, it can also be unpredictable and make you wanna dance or it can be a slow melody that can touch the soul and take you on a journey while you’re just chilling in your chair with your eyes closed. Jazz music really is food for the soul. I mean I’ve always had an appreciation for it since I was young listening to my parents playing a lot of it. But it’s only in recent times where I have gone searching for it on my own that I have found some incredible results.

The obsession continues with the awesomeness that’s Joe Henderson!

I think it was while I was in college on my media course when jazz started to take hold of me. When I watched the film Ray and heard how amazing Ray Charles’ music was, that was when I decided to venture forth and see what else I could dig up and it was near the end of 2008 when I went into a shop and heard the sound of Joe Henderson that really shifted my interest into the world of jazz. His sound is truly beautiful, powerful and captures my soul every time. Mr. Henderson is that good! And in time I’ve come across a lot of great artists, though I can’t recall them all by name. I’ve continued to listen to the sounds of Ray Charles and in my time in college Otis Redding has come up a good few times, I’ve also heard some good things from Miles Davis and after I saw the film Bird I was listening to a bit of Charlie Parker too. Also in very recent times I have found and revisited some childhood memories through the amazing sounds of the Yellowjackets who are truly magnificent.

My earliest memories of good music Jazz-related or not, the Yellowjackets are amazing.

I don’t know whether it’s just the sound of a saxophone or the use of any other jazz-related instruments that sets me off or whether it’s the beautiful vocals of amazing artists like Noah Jones, Ray Charles or Melody Gardot that make me feel so content with life and gives me a great listening experience. Either way jazz music has gotten a hold of me and I doubt it will let go, chances are I will dive deeper into this genre and see what I find because I am still fairly new to this genre of music and am always curious to see what is out there. Thanks to I’m discovering new artists nearly everyday by listening to radio stations of my favourite jazz artists and picking things up as I go along.


Well that’s it for another blog post ladies and gentlemen hopefully you have found this informative, enlightening and hopefully I may have swayed you into listening to some jazz music like I am right now! Laterdays! 😀

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