The Screencast Session.

10 Oct

Today in uni we had to bring in our version of a screencast (a sort of visual video with audio narration.) to show off to our classmates. To be honest I was dreading it purely because I felt intimidated by the rest of the people looking on, but I decided to be the third person up to show off me work and get if over and done with. Surprisingly enough the response I got back was pretty good and I was very pleased. It didn’t go nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The tutor and some students gave me some good feedback, so besides some slightly questionable editing I think my first screencast was a success.

Besides my own work I have witnessed screencasts by other students which are fairly impressive, a lot of them featured previous animation work, photography, fine art and construction-based work. I do feel like I have some competition and I have to step up if I want to stay ahead of the game. Hopefully this short session showing off our work will spark off some new interests and possibly make some connections in terms of friendships, who knows? It’s still early days yet but here’s hoping XD

If wish to see my video in action I provided the link below for you to view at your leisure, please enjoy:

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