Rant 02: No Pizza!

10 Oct

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will be on how terrible the pizza service was when I ordered it and it never even showed up.

Now I don’t know about you ladies and gents but I love pizza, it’s like my favourite food, when someone mentions pizza it makes me smile with happiness and when I know I’m gonna obtain some I can’t control my hunger for it (sounds strange but it’s all too true haha). So imagine my pain, suffering and frustration when I ordered a pizza, waited almost around hour for it just for me to find that it never made it to my address.

Look at how happy that kid is, that should have been me!

So check it out people, my mate called the pizza company on the phone and it took ages. Since the volume on the phone was fairly high I would hear the conversation from both ends and I swear the guy couldn’t understand anything, he asked my mate to repeat the order like 3 times! What the hell!?! He couldn’t even spell the name of the place we were staying at and it’s only 5 bloody letters long! Come on now! So eventually we got the order sorted and waited 30 minutes for the confirmation call to tell us they were outside. So me, my mate and his girlfriend came outside in the cold night air to obtain out pizza, only to find no one out there, we walked up and down the road several times and found nothing. The pizza guy called my mate and asked us where we were twice and we said we were outside on-location waiting and yet I still couldn’t see him. So when the delivery man called the third time round I took the phone and asked him in a fairly frustrated tone where he was and what kind of car he was in. He said he was in a green Vauxhall Corsa. Now I know it was dark, but hell I know my cars and there was no bloody Corsas in the area at all. So after standing outside for nearly an hour I was like forget this, let’s go to the take away place around the corner.

That’s what I looked like during this whole ordeal, no person should have to go through this foolishness!

So after all that effort I got nothing, it was totally frustrating, especially since we were all bloody hungry as hell. So the lesson here ladies and gentlemen is if your pizza man doesn’t understand what you are saying, can’t take an order properly and claims to be at your address when they clearly aren’t there, then give up and go somewhere else.

The End!

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