Getting back online with YouTube.

10 Oct

After doing a mini university project which required me to create a screencast I’m totally thinking about revisiting the world of YouTube once again. The reason I was interested in doing a screencast was because it felt like I was doing a review again and I love reviewing things, whether it’s in a written or verbal format and this just felt like something I had done before just with a more specific purpose.

Doing reviews and editing audio and video projects makes me feel at ease with the world, it’s something I know how to do and I love it. I’ve still got a long way to go before going professional or getting proper good at it and it has been a while since my last upload over a month ago when I did a review on Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which was one of my favourite films of the summer. But these days I just haven’t found a film that I really want to do a review for yet. Though Johnny English Reborn has come out, so if I do get the chance to check that out things may change 🙂

If you wanna check my YouTube work you are more than welcome to have a look. I provided the link below. My channel is filled with reviews of films, games, TV shows and a few other bits and bobs:




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