As the Rain Falls…

06 Oct

At this point in time I chill within the confines of my flat as I think back on my day. And to be honest it’s been alright to be honest considering all of the rain that’s been falling. Technically speaking it’s not raining now because the sun has finally come out, though I wonder for how long. The weather up here in Sheffield has been pretty crazy, constantly shifting from normal dry weather to patchy and continuous downpours, when I left to go to uni it was patchy, but still sunny and I happened to catch a rainbow on the way down too. Alas I didn’t have my camera to take a picture, it was a really nice big one too.

I love a good rainbow!

So when I went to do life drawing today it actually turned out again to be a good lesson, though not as good as last week. The lesson was long in a good few areas simply because there was nothing to do after drawing the same skeleton like 5 times, but again it was a good lesson and the only coherent and consistent lesson I’ve had all week. I think this is gonna become my favourite module. Even though I’m by no means a great sketcher when it comes to life drawing and it frustrates me to no end when things aren’t going my way, in the end I can’t fault life drawing because without it I wouldn’t be where I am now.

So other than falling rain and my uni class today I’ve just been chilling listening to Daft Punk’s Discovery album via the anime film called Interstella: 5555 which is totally sweet. The anime on its own is alright, but it’s really a lot of things in terms of character and story that I’ve seen before. That’s not to say it isn’t without its merits, but it’s really the music that makes this awesome.

Daft Punk we salute you!!!

The film is like an hour-long music video just moving from scene to scene filling your ears with the awesome sounds of Daft Punk’s Discovery album which is known by many as their most famous and best work (Well next to the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack.) It reminds me of how much love I have for Daft Punk and how much I’ve listened to their music over the years and it doesn’t seem to ever get old or boring.

Well that’s it for another blog, laterdays people!




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